How to grow and reduce busy work?

Values based partnerships

As a nonprofit organization committed to our mission, we only partner to assist leaders with outreach who share our values of trust and continuous quality improvement.  

First things first.

With every new partner we first get to know them and their priorities before we set goals to help them grow and reduce busy work with our network’s support.

Reducing busy work

  • Paper receipt or form surveys have a response rate of less than 1%, according to a Gartner study.

  • We offer our partners the ability to easily engage their customers when the experience is fresh.

  • Data collection is custom and secure, while it also incentivizes the collection of customer cell phone numbers for verification and future effective outreach.

  • Reported experiences automatically receive custom text messages based on their customer interactions that places the growth of our partners on autopilot.

  • Weekly email with insights is then sent our partners to compliment and strengthen their existing efforts, while all data can be securely accessed at anytime.

Filtering interactions

  • We assist our partners with filtering the positive and negative experiences of their customers, staff, etc.

  • Reported good experiences often receive automatic custom text messages encouraging Google Reviews.

  • Google Reviews enhance the online presence for new customers, staff, volunteers, and the public.

  • Negative reviews automatically follow-up for insights that are consolidated into a weekly email.

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We use data and research to drive our work, much of which is published. Ask us about anything.

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