External Outreach

Step 1

Enter your last name and date of birth as instructed

Step 2

Enter your contact information including your organization and the email associated with your account. Then press 'Click to Schedule Outreach'. Expect a text and / or an email (depending on what you entered) providing instructions to access the tool.

Step 3

After accessing the External Outreach message link from your email or the text received; proceed by briefly stating what is the service or event you’d like to raise awareness of. Then, answer the questions relevant to the service.

Step 4

Select the location of your service or event and provide the information necessary.

Step 5

Select the schedule of the service or event. If it’s recurring, you have the option of adding an additional schedule or hours if they differ day-by-day.

Step 6

Select when before the start of the service or event* you would like to send the text notification about you. If an RSVP or Response to the message is requested, you can select to send a reminder for the service or event. *Start date is based on what was completed on Step 3.

Step 7

Select the category that is most relevant to the available service or event.

Step 8

Select the demographic categories that best fit your service or event to ensure those who need them and are likely eligible for it receive the notification. Answer the questions relevant to the service or event that follow.

Step 9

Insert additional information about the service or event if you’d like, and provide contact information for more information, if available.

Step 10

Provide your contact information to verify that it’s someone from your organization scheduling an External Outreach message.

Step 11

Upon scheduling your initial External Outreach Message, you will be given a 'Welcome Back' page the next time you return. Fill out the form according to the instructions and press 'Click To Schedule Outreach'

Schedule External Outreach