Internal Outreach

Step 1

Enter your last name and date of birth as instructed

Step 2

Enter your contact information including your organization and the email associated with your account. Then press 'Click to Schedule Outreach'. Expect a text and / or an email (depending on what you entered) providing instructions to access the tool.

Step 3

After accessing the Internal Outreach message link from your email or the text received; proceed by selecting the benefit(s) you’re looking to gather from the message which also provide proven message templates.

Step 4

If you’d like, select the template you’d like to use for the type of communication you’re engaging in

Step 5

Modify the template, as needed to meet your needs. First name of recipient(s) and your organization’s name will be automatically added.

Step 6

Select who you’d like to send the message to including all of those you’ve sent a message before, those who have checked-in in the last 1,3, or 6 months, or follow the simple 3-step instructions to send it to specific recipients.

Step 7

Fill out your information to verify that is someone from your organization sending this message! Upon successful submission, you will receive an email confirmation with information on the scheduled message!

Step 8

Upon scheduling your initial Internal Outreach Message, you will be given a 'Welcome Back' page the next time you return. Fill out the form according to the instructions and press 'Click To Schedule Outreach'

Schedule Internal Outreach